LINKS - Beting on sports and sportsbook betting sites can be found here where NFL football betting odds, baseball, NBA or NCAA college basketball bets can be placed with an online sports book. All sports news, stats, scores, lines & odds, team matchups, game schedules. Get free picks, find gambling info and recommendations on an online bookie for wagers. Bet online on World cup betting or soccer; all international major sports. Expert handicapping and tips on beting, find teasers, point spread, totals, much more.

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Football Divisions
NCAA Division II football standings.

Fantasy Football Sites
A comprehensive listing of relevant fantasy football sites and resources. Links to quality, active fantasy football websites featuring live drafts, customized league settings, head-to-head action, and analysis.

Pro Football Betting Lines
Get pro football betting lines and compare odds for NFL betting at different sports books. Find the latest NFL weekly line and Vegas odds to bet on point spreads, football parlays, teasers, more. NCAA college football bets too, and major league sports of all kinds. Sportsbook reviews to help you choose among online sports books, and when ready to bet on football, you'll have our online betting guide with predictions and professional sports handicapping links, tips, sports news, scores, results, statistics, team matchups, and the player injuries which so rapidly change the betting lines for pro football. Looking ahead to your Super Bowl bets? One-stop shopping for online sports gambling.

Football Team Shirts
Real professional football team shirts, custom football jerseys and NFL apparel. Find the best price for Football team shirts online.

Basketball Insider
Basketball Insider has the latest NBA news and college men's basketball news, NCAA games and scores, standings, stats, but you don't need to subscribe. Player and team report for pro games and March Madness. Follow recruiting for your favorite teams, also read sections on women's basketball. Lines and odds, team matchups and online sports wagers. Sports news and sports book betting on hoops; find a reliable online sportsbook for NBA basketball betting, armed with inside information you've found on the basketball insider.

Pro Football Standings
NFL, NFC, AFC and Pro FootBall Standings, Scores, Schedules and Records

The Betting Forum
Online sports betting forum for sportsbook wagers of all kinds, handicapping discussed, find free picks, football, baseball, soccer and basketball betting, NFL betting lines, betting tips. Discuss and do reviews of William Hill or Ladbrokes or sports book betting, or join to understand betting odds and lines.

Sportsbook Odds
Sportsbook odds and sports betting lines.

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