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Fantasy Football Classic
In Fantasy Football Classic, you get to play some of the greatest pro football players of the past against one another. Classic leagues are divided into teams named for some of the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL. Who wouldn't want to play? This is the clash of the Titans. The classic player comes with his historical stats, or if you play other fantasy leagues you'll need current player rankings, rules and free info. Chat in our forums, get hold of cheat sheets, classic stats, get fantasy football league news and everything you need to make your draft picks and manage your team.

Pro Football Betting Guide
Our pro football betting guide carries the current info on NFL teams, players, stats and standings, predictions, comparison and analysis of season matchups, all in order to get you to the best football bets you can possibly make. Insider info, that's what it's like. Seasoned handicappers with free picks, coach insights, player profiles. Read top online sportsbooks reviews to find which are number one in quality and fairness, all rated by sports bettors reports. TV and game schedules also, kickoff times listed. ESPN and NBC can't match our global pool of handicappers and experts. Articles on how to bet on sports and football too. Wagers explained. Find a great bet and a great sports book with this year's NFL Professional Football Betting Guide.

Euro Fantasy Football
Playing Euro Fantasy Football means prizes and the excitement of competition of the UEFA Euro 2008 just concluded with Spain v. Germany. Here at Fantasy Football Europe you can compile your fantasy soccer team using our League Predictor, tips, injury reports, stats, and news on Champions League players or Premier League players. Euro 2008 fantasy football betting is a rich field of speculation -- whether or not another striker like Podolski will appear, or a team as strong as Club Atletico de Madrid. Make best use of your transfer value and check the transfer market for your fantasy football players. Check sports betting lines and odds. FIFA Football is shaping up too and European soccer matches will figure hugely into the World Cup.

Football Handicapping Websites
Accurate football picks from the top football handicapping websites. NFL football picks and free sports handicapping advice.

Football Dictionary
Dictionary of American football terms. Sports terms, news, pro football glossary.

College Football Winners
College football winners picks listed here, from expert handicappers and students of the game. Free picks and sportsbook recommendations, where you can bet online on NCAA football or NFL games. Sportsbook betting with live Las Vegas lines and odds, and you can choose among parlays, teasers, point spreads, totals and more. Matchups and game analysis all season so you can see why they stomped their opponents. Winning teams and players profiled also, going back to the beginnings of college football history. Read about the Heisman Trophy winners, the National Football Champions, and all the greatest players of the college football scene, the winners.

Football Betting Gambling
With football betting gambling is ready to take off, so check here for how to bet on football in the NFL or NCAA; you'll find sportsbooks and free picks for online gambling. The fall NFL schedule with betting lines and odds for each matchup will be listed. Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Giants: get latest point spreads, injury reports and football news. Lines available thru online sports book or find Vegas odds.

Betting Lines
For sports betting lines, check here first. Live Las Vegas betting lines and odds, with the convenience of gambling online. We provide NFL football betting odds, 2008 NFL predictions, matchups, super bowl odds, handicapping, and free picks. Whether you're an experienced bettor looking for power ratings and early lines for your action or you're a sports fan in need of a gambling guide to online sportsbook betting, we link you up to tools like the Glantz-Culver line, as well as a Football Betting 101. Look in on NCAA college football, and basketball betting lines, wagers on all major sports. And we point you to trusted sportsbooks with their own casinos if you'd like to play blackjack, poker, or other casino games.

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