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AFC Football
AFC football means NFL excellence, as you watch the AFC Championship won by the best of this year's very talented conference. Football betting on AFC teams was hot and profitable this season, so visit here to get the scores, results, tips, and stats on teams and players. Peyton Manning, Colts, Steelers, Cardinals, super bowl 43 info; place your Super Bowl XLIII bets with a reliable online sportsbook. You can read sportsbook reviews for recommendations. Who now will go to the Pro Bowl? Your fantasy football teams should help you choose; football in AFC -- the American Football Conference -- is bound to continue reeling out the best in the pro football league.

NFL Odds Line
At NFL Odds Line we offer NFL Vegas odds and all major sports betting lines, along with comprehensive NFL football news, scores, stats, sports betting feeds and all you need to calculate your NFL teams bets. We'll guide you to great online sportsbooks for money line, point spread, 2008 NFL odds for Super Bowl, or any kind of bet on football. NFL rumors, injury reports, the works is what you need to decide while examining the latest NFL betting odds line.

Best Vegas Lines
Best Vegas Lines can be found on our list of recommended sports books online. You don't need to be in Nevada to get the best Vegas line NFL and college football games, point spread betting or whatever. Every sports bettor knows that the best lines and odds for the gambler used to be only in Las Vegas, but now online sports books can offer the same. Super Bowl odds, NCAA college football lines, basketball betting, any major sport and lots of smaller sports too. Find expert handicapping, sports betting tips, picks, game results, scores, matchups, and all the game info you need with best vegas lines.

Best Sportsbook Affiliates
At their best, sportsbook affiliates should give a good commission to website portal owners and timely payment for promoting their sites. Top affiliate programs are reviewed here so you can choose among online sports books, casino and internet sports betting websites, and earn revenue from your traffic. Especially if you have a site on football, basketball, soccer, tennis, or another major sport, you'll need affiliate reviews to join the best sports book affiliate program.

Football Sweepstakes
Football sweepstakes, free contests and freebies.

Fantasy Sports Wagers
Fantasy Sports Wagers and Games. Fantasy league games for baseball, basketball, football, hockey ,and NASCAR. Includes news, analysis, stats, and injury reports.

Las Vegas Betting Lines
Las Vegas betting line is the standard for all bettors and handicappers at the sportsbook or casino. The Vegas lines for sports betting provided here links you to bookies offering odds on football or major sports. Bets like football parlays, teasers, spreads, totals and money lines all depend on going to the best sports book, so sportsbook reviews are what you need. We've got them, as well as Las Vegas betting lines on various sports, futures and props to make games and even presidential elections more exciting.

Football News Line
Up to date football news, articles on the recent happenings around the NFL and college football campuses. Find the latest football news line.

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